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Beating Writer's Block

Sometimes, the toughest part of a writing assignment is getting started. Here are a few ways you can get your ideas flowing and those keys tapping.

Don't Be So Hard on Yourself

The biggest obstacle to writing is often yourself. Seeking perfection can cower us into inertia. Do not get caught in this trap. Free write, letting your ideas come out as you think of them, without bothering to edit or censor them. Lower your standards for a moment and just write. Go back and clean it up later.

Start in the Middle

The beginning is usually not the best place to start. Your introduction should be an overview of what your work will say, so how can you write it until you know what you have said? Get into the meat of the assignment, tackling the stuff that interests you first, then return to the introduction. It will help you see the forest if you know that trees are there.

Verbalize Your Ideas

Talk about your topic into a tape recorder. Play it back and free write what you said, taking the opportunity to organize the ideas better. You can also talk it over with a friend or relative, as long as you take notes so you do not forget what was said.

Jog the Mind

Jogging the body helps to jog the mind. If you are in a real rut and cannot come up with any ideas, get your blood pumping with a bit of exercise. Be sure you have a way to keep notes in case you come up with any ideas while you are working out.

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