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Parents often forget the importance of providing a balanced diet for their children. The mix of foods you provide can affect your child's brain. Here's how you can use food to give their brain a boost.

Good Food for Stronger Brains and Bodies

Food is necessary to maintain healthy growing children. Food feeds bones and muscles, but it also fuels the brain. Yes, food can affect your children’s memory and cognition. Junk food can reduce your children's brain power, but superfoods can counteract those negative effects and give your children the boost they need to build healthier brains. Unfortunately, many of those superfoods are not exactly most children's favorites. Here are the best brain foods that your children will approve of.

Children Approved Superfoods

  • Oatmeal: There are so many fun and delicious ways to transform this classic breakfast staple. Children can even make their own cooking experiments. Oatmeal is known to improve short-memory and improve auditory attention.
  • Berries: Berries contain antioxidants, which increase memory and cognitive functions. Fresh berries are more expensive and for some reason, children will only eat a few of them at a time. Instead, opt for frozen berries. The darker the berry, the more nutrients it contains.
  • Chocolate: Ok, not just any chocolate, but dark chocolate. Still, there are some children out there that appreciate the taste of dark chocolate and the many health benefits that come with it. Chocolate improves mood and thinking and it also increases blood flow to the brain.
  • Eggs: Eggs are high in protein and choline, which is essential to our memory stem cells. Choline also increases the production of memory cells. So if you want your children to have a better memory, give them eggs. Some children don’t enjoy eggs, but they can be used to make pancakes or French toast.

Tutoring and an Active Lifestyle are Brain Boosters Too

Food and an active lifestyle can make your children smarter. Regardless, they can always benefit from a tutoring program. The Tutoring Center, Sandestin FL has several tutoring options your children can benefit from. Call them at (850) 424-7935 to learn about their programs and to schedule your free diagnostic assessment.


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