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Parents Must Be Informed about the Educational Program Their Child Is Receiving and Should Be Actively Involved with the School

The first step toward productive participation is getting to know the school staff members. After all, they are people your child spends a large percentage of her life...

Encourage Them to Start a Summer Project

From a starting their own lemonade stand, to join a local sports team. It's important to keep them entertained during these weeks without school by enrolling them in activities they find appealing. When your children achieve their goals, they feel...

Let Children Learn by Seeing and Following Your Example

Summer is the perfect time to take the lead in "going green". Getting involved in environmental causes at a young age will awaken positive behaviors in your children. It's important to promote ecology at home as soon as possible by starting...

Introducing math at an early age will provide skills that will get your children ahead of their class. Therefore, in this post by The Tutoring Center in Sandestin are listed a couple of tips to help guide them with baby steps through this subject.

Start with Games

Numbers can be introduced to...

Let Them Know This Situation Won't Last Forever

Children and young people around the world have discovered the pros and cons of remote study due to quarantine. Teachers are no longer present their lessons, schedules, and homework like they used to. Thus, it's important to be ready for the...

The Importance of Promoting Team Effort

Collaborative learning implies characteristics such as respect for other people and their opinions while defending your own ideas in public. In addition, it's been proven that an environment enhanced by cooperation reinforces assimilation of the...

Is your student struggling with school? Students face many challenges along their academic path and helping them overcome them can sometimes be difficult. From their learning environment to the relationship with their teacher, there are many internal and external factors that can affect a...

Does your child enjoy creating stories? Children are creative by nature and helping them find an outlet for their creativity can be highly beneficial. Creative writing is a great activity for children, as it helps them improve their communication skills along with developing their overall...

Helping your child with their homework always sometimes becomes a challenge. There are a lot of factors that can come into play and contribute to creating a good or an arduous environment that affects children when having to concentrate on their daily tasks. But not to worry, The Tutoring...

Every student experiences school pressure and stress differently. For some students, it’s normal to feel nervous before important tests, but when nervousness becomes anxiety, the situation becomes challenging. Anxiety becomes a problem when it prevents students from opportunities, from...


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