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Being a reader has many benefits; it improves focus and concentration, reduces stress and increases the vocabulary. Good reading ability will not only boost your child’s academic achievement but is also a very useful cognitive faculty.

If you are wondering how to instill this skill in your children, The Tutoring Center in Sandestin created this post that will provide you with a few ideas to motivate your children to read. 


Your local library is where your quest for books should start - there are many events and workshops where your children can discover the joy of reading and meet other fellow readers. Plus, you can find thousands of books that will match their interests. You can also get great recommendations from the librarian.

Set an Example

You can’t expect your children to be readers if you aren’t one. Take a book and make sure that your children see you enjoying it; it’s likely that they follow your behavior. Don’t forget that you should have reading material around your home and in reachable places; keep in mind that comics, graphic novels and ebooks are an easy and fun way to engage your children with this activity. 

Try to Avoid 

You should always allow your children choose their own books and never disapprove of their choices. Also, avoid giving rewards for every book read; although small prizes are recommended every once in a while, you may find your children will read just to get a gift.

Reading is a fundamental skill that your children will need throughout their academic life -  remember these simple ideas that will motivate your children to grab a book.  Also, be sure to read this post containing useful information about creativity and your child. 

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