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A child’s report card not only shows you their grade and information about how they sit within their grade but also includes important notes from their teachers about challenges faced throughout the year and suggestions for improvement. It is these notes which can be used as a resource to help your child prepare for the next school year. The Tutoring Center, Sandestin FL has a post below on the topic.

Listen to the Teacher

You say it to your child all the time and now it’s your turn to heed your own advice. Read through the teacher’s notes carefully and identify exactly which areas your child struggles in. Often, a range of teachers will mention the same challenge, such as trouble reading textbooks or writing reports. Keeping with the example of reading, a parent could consider these ideas:
  • If your child struggles with a set of letter-sound combinations, sticky notes to their summer snacks with words which include these combinations, requiring them to both read the word aloud and use it in a sentence prior to eating the snack.
  • Take your children to the library and have them pick out any book they would like to read, be it a fictional story about goblins or a biography about their favorite sports legend. Once you have this, head to the park for lunch and some reading.
  • If you get a lot of marketing mail, have your children read it to you while you finish dinner or drive them around to complete errands.
Even small instances like these are great ways to help your child improve on a challenging area. Reading a book of their choice opens them up to a vocabulary and letter-sound combinations they would otherwise not read and your junk mail is a great exercise in writing styles and sentence structure, each of which contributes to helping your child improve their reading proficiency. Of course, these ideas aren’t limited to reading, you can adapt them easily to any subject. However, don’t limit yourself to these three, and instead, think about your own clever ways you can introduce small lessons in your child’s day.

If More Help Is Needed, Tutoring in Sandestin Is the Answer

If your student requires more help than these tips can provide or you are struggling to understand their homework, let alone help with it, Tutoring In Sandestin can help. Find out more about how one-to-one Tutoring In Sandestin can help your child during your free initial diagnostic assessment. Call The Tutoring Center, Sandestin FL today at (850) 424-7935 to make your booking.


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