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Competition is present in your child's daily life. Since it's something you can't avoid in school, you should help your child learn something from it. Here are some of the life lessons one can get out of  healthy competition. There are mixed opinions regarding children and competition. Some parents think it's damaging and others consider it a necessary extra push their children need. Competition can be beneficial for your children if you teach them the right attitude. These are some of the lessons your children can learn by having a little bit of healthy competition in their lives.

The Lessons in Healthy Competition

  • Growth: Children learn to understand that losing is normal and it happens to everyone. They manage to move past a loss and learn from their mistakes. It's not good to dwell on a loss. Instead, they can focus on improving.
  • Build self-esteem: Competing is not always about being a winner, it's about making your best effort. Learning about how far their efforts can get them will help your children build better self-esteem.
  • Humility:  They will also learn that one can win one day and lose the next, but all that matters is their attitude. Children learn to respect their competition whether they win or lose.
  • Creative competition: Competition challenges children to look for alternatives to defeat their seemingly undefeated opponents. Creative competition also teaches your children how to work as a team to reach a positive and satisfactory solution.
  • Preparation for the real world: You won't always be around to protect your children, so they will need to fend for themselves eventually. It's better if they understand at a young age that things don't always go the way you want them to and that they must work with what they have.

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