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Let Them Know This Situation Won't Last Forever

Children and young people around the world have discovered the pros and cons of remote study due to quarantine. Teachers are no longer present their lessons, schedules, and homework like they used to. Thus, it's important to be ready for the effects that will come up after this unforeseen situation.

How to Act When Your Children Don't Want to Study

Avoid dramatizing the fact that the child or young person refuses to study; being pushy towards children tends to be counterproductive because they become accustomed to hearing, rather than listening, to the paternal figure and this will end up becoming a game to get the child's attention. Refusing to participate in this dynamic is usually more productive; of course, advising them that, if they don't fulfill their responsibilities, there will be consequences for their academic future.

Hone in Their Interest and Hobbies

Allowing them time for their hobbies, or showing genuine interest in their passions and certain topics will make them feel validated. Don't be shy to encourage them and provide information about what they like. It's very important to make children understand that academic studies are part of their responsibilities not because their parents tell them so. It might seem like a hassle today, but it will pay off in the long run. They just need to be disciplined with their learning, show confidence in how they work and their organization to tackle studying.


A pandemic is not a common situation. This is an exception that, when properly focused, can offer an ideal setting for your children to learn first-hand and experience certain things that would otherwise be impossible, so try to make the most out of this situation!

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