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Writing is an excellent skill to develop. Practicing it doesn’t mean your children need to write an essay or a book. These simple writing prompts can be the perfect practice.

Learning Is Always a Good Idea

Winter break is a time for resting and spending time with the family, but a little bit of learning here and there doesn’t hurt anyone. If you’re interested in keeping your children’s minds sharp and helping them become better writers, consider trying these easy writing prompts. Greeting cards and thank you notes: If you hand out holiday cards each year, make this year different by having your children design and create them. They will have to write a personalized message for each recipient. We should all be grateful for what we have and holiday gifts give your children an excellent opportunity to prove they are. They can send their own thank you notes to whoever gave them something this year. Family book: Many out of town family members come home for the holidays. Your children can use this opportunity to learn more about their heritage and family. Have them interview their family members and afterwards they can write a book about their discoveries. To make it holiday related, the children can ask their relatives about their favorite holiday or Christmas memories. Letter to Santa: Writing a letter to Santa is by far most children’s favorite writing activity. Even if it’s just bullet points, this activity can at least ensure your child will practice their penmanship. Twist on a classic: Pick your favorite holiday classic and give it your own spin. Your children can even make crossovers from their favorite holiday stories.

Tutoring in Sandestin

If your children want to improve their writing skills in the coming new year, they can join a tutoring program in Sandestin. The Tutoring Center, Sandestin FL offers various tutoring programs. To learn about them call (850) 424-7935.


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