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Even if students don’t like sitting exams, it’s important for them to prepare for each exam as their grades could determine their academic path. If your student struggles with exams, The Tutoring Center, Sandestin has prepared a post with some tips which can help.

Prepare a Plan

The first place to start is with a plan. As soon as you are provided with the details of an exam, note it in your calendar or your planner. Then, consider how much studying you will need to complete to prepare and mark out time in the weeks leading up to the exam date. Noting the date and setting aside study time as soon as you find out about an exam prevents you from for forgetting about the exam and ensures you have time available.

Calculator, Etc.

If you use a scientific calculator during your regular class then it’s likely that you will need it to complete the associated exam. The same applies to all learning tools used during class. A week prior to the exam date, check that you have all of the items you will need for the exam. Once you have these, make sure they are all working. As an example, you don’t want the batteries in your calculator to run out halfway during the exam.


There may be times when you are not able to complete the entire exam. This can pose a particular problem for students who studied hard and dedicated their time to prepare but focused their studying on questions or sections which do not appear until the end of the exam. If they aren't able to reach these sections before time runs out, they'll lose out on easy points. Instead, before you begin the exam, review the exam and identify pages and sections which you are confident can be answered correctly and quickly. Then, move through the rest of the exam. This method can help students who took the time to study earn points for correct answers they may not have been able to answer.


The last thing that you should do before submitting any exam or assignment is to review what you have written. If your hand becomes tired and you write a letter or number incorrectly then it can result in a failed question and potentially a failing grade. As you can see the end-time getting close, begin to review what you have written and ensure the answers are both correct and clearly written.

Tutoring in Sandestin Can Help

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