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A blank paper can be daunting for anybody, children and adults alike. Writing shouldn’t be something terrible everyone dreads. It can be an enjoyable task. As a parent you can help your children start their writing skills at a young age. Here are some suggestions to help them be better writers and not be afraid of a blank page.

Read to Write

You can’t expect your children to be good writers if they’re not good readers. They should read anything they can, from books, to the newspaper, and even to comics! Reading builds a strong vocabulary and can ignite inspiration for their own stories.

Be a Role Model

Let your children see that writing is part of everyday life and not just something you do at school. They should be able to see you writing as well, even if it’s a simple note, an email, or a thank you card.

Give Them Writing Prompts

Suggest ideas for them to expand on and try to do it daily. You could ask them questions like, “If you were a superhero how would you spend your days?” Writing prompts will give them a little push in the creative writing direction.

Edit Their Work

Children must understand that editing and rewriting are very important parts of the writing process. You can help them by pointing out which areas they can work on and what they should change before turning in their work (in case of an essay or other homework assignments).

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring in Sandestin FL

If your children don’t like you editing their work, perhaps tutoring in Sandestin FL is a better option. Tutoring can help them feel less self-conscious about their mistakes all the while improving their writing skills. Call The Tutoring Center,Sandestin FL at 850-424-7935 to learn about their tutoring options.


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