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Here at The Tutoring Center in Sandestin, of course we want to see your child doing well in school. We are here to help with any academic area in which he or she might be having trouble. However, did you know that fostering the creativity of your child can also lead to increased brain function and better performance in school? While it may seem that some of us are more inclined to creativity than others, it is a cultivated process. This process can either be grown or stamped out, depending on the tools used to help it flourish. For this reason, The Tutoring Center would love to give you just a few tips to help you foster the creativity of your child. 

Focus on the Product, Not the Result

As adults we often focus on the end of what we are doing, rather than enjoying the process. We wonder “is it worth it?” “What will happen when I’ve completed it?”  But the truth is that we should help our children focus on the creative process of a task. When they are finished, continue to focus on the process. Ask them what their favorite part of the project was, how they felt while creating, and what they thought about. 

Limit External Constraints

Remember, our topic is fostering the creativity of your child. Therefore when we tell you to limit external constraints, we mean it in this specific context. Giving your child the opportunity to get creative with their work is the goal. If they are coloring a picture of a duck, why does the duck have to be yellow. Allow them to experiment. This does not mean you should allow your children to draw all over the walls of course, but that you should allow room for adventure.

Provide Resources

You’ll need to get a bit creative here, as well. You should provide the “standard” art supplies, such as crayons, paper, and the like. You may also consider thinking outside of the box and providing different mediums for your children to work with. Consider putting brown paper on the wall so your child can draw on that, use sidewalk chalk, find ways to reuse materials in order to have fun and be environmentally aware.

Varied Experiences

Life experiences are so important to the creative process. Expose your child to culture, food, art styles and mediums, ways of celebration, and understand of the plethora of aesthetic possibilities available for their artistic works. 

Your child’s creativity can either flourish or be stifled by his/her experiences. Please know that after having begun working with these specifications within your home, it may become more apparent that your child is interested in creative activities, rather than academic. Here at The Tutoring Center, our tutors are ready to help your child succeed to his/her fullest potential! Call us at (850) 424-7935 for tutoring in Sandestin.


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