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Is Your Child Reaching Their Goals?

Whether or not they told you, your child will have a set of goals which they set at the start of the school year, either by themselves or at their teacher's direction. Now is the perfect time to find out what your child’s goals are and how they are tracking...

Getting the Most out of Your Parent-Teacher Meeting

Now that your child has had a chance to meet their new teacher, it’s time for you to have some time to learn about the person who will be teaching them this school year. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Sandestin to help you plan for...

Help Your Child Adapt to the New School Year

As much as your student would like to think that the first few days or even weeks of the new school year are all about getting to know their new surroundings and classmates, with limited time and resources available, teachers are ready to start...

How to Get Your Student out of Bed in the Morning

After such a long summer break, many parents find getting their children out of bed in the morning to be an impossible task. If this rings true, below are some effective tips from The Tutoring Center, Sandestin to help your student get out of bed...

Summer Doesn’t Have to Be All About Video Games and TV!

If you have been looking for activities which you and your student can enjoy together which don't involve sitting in front of a TV, The Tutoring Center, Sandestin is here to help with some great fun and educational activities to get you all...

A clean, organized backpack can be much more conducive to learning than a messy one. To help your child keep theirs tidy and in order, follow the tips below.

How to Help Your Child Organize Their Backpack

  1. First of all, make sure that your child has the right backpack for them and their needs....
Don't let your children forget what they learned during the school year. Keep their brains strong and active with these summer activities.

Fun Learning Ideas for the Summer

Summer means saying goodbye to school and finally getting to relax at home. The last thing children want to hear is that...
You prepare days ahead to take your tests. You have a game plan to study and get ready. You should have a plan for your test as well.

Be Ready to Take Your Test Efficiently

Preparing to take a test requires some planning. You should start studying at least a week before your exam to make sure...
Creative people often find new solutions to everyday problems. Children are already creative, but it never hurts to help them out. Boost your child’s creativity through fun and games.

Games to Raise Creative Children

Children are generally more imaginative and creative than adults. They’re...
There are many excellent reasons why your children should be part of an after-school program, and not just because they keep them busy. Here are some of those reasons.

After school programs are more than just a way to keep your children busy after school. They are an excellent way to develop...


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